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Never has watching the news been so scary! Death, economic doom, political debates, and a shortage of toilet paper! Images of panic buying across the world, planes grounded, and online sales going through the roof. But when you dig through these dreadful images and videos you see the core strength of the world – ships.

Great big floating marvels – they haven’t stopped – through the threat of death and disease these beasts of the ocean keep shipping, ports keep loading, tugboats keep tugging. Why? People, amazing dedicated crews!

AMI Marine has teamed up with industry leaders in ‘Crew Safety’ to provide an exciting range of vital safety products to keep your crew safe and to help you keep your vessel compliant with ISO regulations. Everything you need in one convenient place

Our new product additions are sourced from trusted suppliers which include; life jackets, radios, life rafts, EPIRB’s, GPS beacons, lights, and much much more.

Also included in this launch is our Long Range 4G/LTE system from Sputnik. This broadband antenna extends the range of mobile Internet connectivity up to 50 miles offshore, bringing down costs significantly to coastal vessels. Together with our collaborative partners, AMI will keep your crew connected to their loved ones, and you connected to your vessel – at a fraction of satellite connection costs.

The world is moving on as best it can, but the marine industry must keep sailing! We will continue to support your vessels so that you can keep the global logistics industry moving.

Keep safe, keep your crew safe, and keep sailing!

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