As Supporters of the Jubilee Sailing Trust,  AMI Marine were extremely excited to be invited to join the JST upon the Lord Nelson tall ship for a day voyage around the Solent recently.

The Jubilee Sailing Trust, based in Southampton, provide life changing adventures to people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities and this was a wonderful opportunity to see the hard work and dedication provided by the Crew and professional seafarers.

On the 12th October Company Director Martin Davidson & Sales Support Manager Lauren Mudliar met the Lord Nelson at Gunwharf Quays along with other supporters of the JST. This was Lauren’s first voyage on a sailing ship and she was excited to see what the day entailed. Martin has a technical engineering background and has had the joy of attending many vessels over the years, but none quite as special as this.

First off was a hot cup of coffee and a tour of the magnificent ship followed by a humorous but in depth safety briefing from the Captain and First Officer. It was an absolutely beautiful October today and the sun was shining as the ship set sail out into the Solent. As the ship left the harbour the voyagers were treated to a wonderful view of the newly commissioned Royal Navy aircraft carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth. It was hard to comprehend the size of this magnificent vessel and all aboard took the opportunity to take photographs of this famous carrier.

As the vessel continued into the Solent the hard work set in and everyone was called to deck to start the rigging of the sails. Let it be known that this is a lot of hard work as the voyagers worked the rigging as a team to keep schedule! Martin and Lauren joined in and, after around 30 minutes, the Lord Nelson was sailing by sails alone. People were given the opportunity to take control of the steering and sail the vessel or simply sit back, relax and enjoy the views.

A delicious lunch was served and in the afternoon the supports were invited to climb the rigging. Lauren jumped at the opportunity and after a harness briefing start the ascent to be greeted by the most beautiful clear blue water, warm autumn sun; Lauren states it was a “life experience never to be forgotten”.

All in all it was a wonderful day and Martin and Lauren would like to extend their sincere thanks to the Jubilee Sailing Trust for the most wonderful day.

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