GPS and GLONASS Antenna AD420

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GPS / GLONASS Antenna AD420


A robust, compact symmetrical antenna, the AD420 designed for reception of low power satellite transmissions down to -130 dBm in areas where general purpose antennae are inoperable due to L-band interference.

The antenna element is a shaped dipole with right hand circular polarisation, an omni-directional radiation pattern in azimuth, and good reception down to 5 degrees in elevation.

The element is connected to a built in GaAs FET amplifier with a precision low-loss comb filter. A comb filter’s frequency response is shown in figure 2 for the band 1530 to 1560 MHz enabling DGPS reception. Other options are filters tuned for the band 1530 to 1575 MHz for DGPS and GPS reception (also figure 2) or 1570 to 1610 MHz for GPS and GLONASS reception.

The amplifier gain is factory preset within the range 30 dB to 45 dB with an overall noise figure of less than 2.5dB. The amplifier is phantom powered via the coaxial output lead with a 3.3V to 20Vdc supply at typically 35mA. The amplifier complies with EMC requirements and is CE marked.

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16 x 11 x 13cm - 1.65kg
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