MD69BRX: Compass Bearing Repeater Bowl for Retrofit Only

REF: MNE-0021

SKU: MNE-0021


The MD69BRX compass bearing repeater is equipped with a dual scale 36:1 precision compass card display. Also, it is provided as a bowl-only option for retrofit or replacement into third-party gimbal rings.
Ship’s Digital NMEA heading data may be conveniently displayed. This is at any suitable location on a vessel to take celestial and also terrestrial bearings.
Also available retrofitting kits come with either gimbal bushes or pins. These fit most third-party gimbal rings.


  • Repeats the heading display of a ship’s magnetic or gyrocompass at a convenient location on a vessel.
  • Allows celestial and terrestrial bearings to be taken when used in conjunction with the MD69AZI Azimuth Sight or the MD69BC Bearing Circle. The MD60A2K Telescopic Alidade is recommended for making detailed azimuth measurements. Please email us for additional extras.


  • Fits a range of third party gimbal rings
  • Dual scale 36:1 precision concentric dial display
  • Balanced for taking bearings using our optional sights
  • Automatic selection and prioritisation of NMEA heading data type
  • Automatic warning of loss of valid heading data
  • Detection of a previously lost heading data type, without requiring a reset.
  • True / Magnetic Source Indication
  • Local and also Remote dimming control


MNE-0022 BRX/P1: Retrofitting Kit for MD69BRX

Gimbal Pins Retrofitting Kit for 254mm pitch

MNE-0023 BRX/P2: Retrofitting Kit for MD69BRX

Gimbal Pins Retrofitting Kit for 274mm pitch

MNE-0024 BRX/B1: Retrofitting Kit for MD69BRX

Gimbal Bushes Retrofitting Kit for 243mm pitch

Also, see the Compass range.

By Marine Data

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Item Measurements
7.0 kg (optimally balanced for Azimuth Sight) H 17.6cm; W 24.55cm; Body 24.6cm. Outer dial 18.5cm; Inner dial 9.5cm. Verge ring 20 mm (visible)
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