Step Down Transformer for X903-P

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Step Down Transformer for X903-P

Steps down the phase voltage from 90VAC to under 45VAC

Installation is very simple with like-for-like connections in and out of the transformer.
Factory or retrofit installation, there is no configuration required and is simply plug-and-play.

Suitable for the Anschutz range of synchro products

The X903-X Series

The X903-X interface converts serial heading data from a modern gyro to a medium power synchro signal with ratios from 1:1 to 360:1. Applications include refitting a ship with a new gyro while retaining the existing repeaters. The majority of commercial gyro synchro systems are 360:1 or 1 revolution per degree; these are catered for by the X903-P high power model.

Heading Input is from an NMEA 0183 source, which most modern gyros give as standard.


The X903-X generates an adjustable synchro voltage of a maximum 54 volts. Therefore, ideal for Anschutz repeaters (20/24v), and several other manufacturers using nominal 50 volts.

The X903-X provides a smooth rotation, and it also interpolates the rotation to 2 decimal places of a degree. A smooth synchro rotation will be achieved from gyros that output heading to more than one decimal place of a degree.

If the gyro or interface can only provide heading output to 0.1 or 1/6th of a degree the rotation will move in steps of 0.1 or 1/6th of a degree. The SX software controls the rotation speed to reduce any oscillation on the synchro receiver.


The X903-X will detect a failure of the NMEA input signal, and overload of the synchro output.

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