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The VL-Inclinometer is a digital roll sensor for the Installation on vessels. The power supply and the serial interfaces are galvanic isolated.
The System has control, monitor, and alarm functions. It determines the actual heel, pitch angle, and ofroll amplitude, as well as roll and pitch period of the ship.

The system fulfills the following standards:

  • ISO/PAS 19697:2014
  • ISO/DIS 19697
  • IEC60945
  • IEC61162-2
  • IEC61162-450

The measured results are transmitted as NMEA through two serial Interfaces (RS422). The device sends the following standard telegrams: $–HRM, $–XDR, and $–ALR. The status is indicated by three LEDs.

Main features

  • Operating voltage – 24V (18-32V) max. 250mA
  • Interface 1 – 1 x NMEA 38400 Baud, IEC61162-2
    telegrams according to IEC61162-1, ISO/DIS 19697
    receiver and transmitter galvanic isolated
  • Interface 2 – 1 x NMEA 38400 Baud, IEC61162-2
    telegrams according to IEC61162-1, ISO/DIS 19697
    receiver and transmitter galvanic isolated
  • Configuration – Interface 1, proprietary NMEA sentences
  • System functionality – Self-test of the module with status display after start-up by the status LED:
    – Warning threshold has been exceeded
    – System malfunction of the sensor
  • Application – roll sensor
  • Angle measure accuracy – ±5% or 1°according to ISO/DIS 19697
  • Angle measure range – ±90° according to ISO/DIS 19697
  • Oscillating period (MG)  -±1s, ISO/DIS 19697
  • Oscillating period (MB) – 4 ÷ 40s, ISO/DIS 19697
  • Article No. – S0229

System Includes

  • Main system consisting of 1x Sensor and 1x Display
  • 8” Display; panel computer
  • 24VDC power supply
  • Power consumption 36W @ 24VDC
  • Console mounting

Optional Extras

VEL-0019 – £4875

VL – IMU_ Display

  • 8” Display; panel computer
  • 24VDC
  • Slave Display
  • Console or Desk mounting; to be mentioned during the order

VEL-0020 – £4375

Stand Alone Sensor

  • 1° Resolution 5% Tolerance
  • 1 RS422 TX Interface according to IEC61162-1
  • 1 RS422 RX/TX interface according to IEC61162-1

VEL-0021 – £63

OEM Modification Boot up screen with your Logo

VEL-0022 – £200

VL-Power Supply Optional part

  • IEC60945 approved
  • 230VAC input
  • 24VDC output
  • 1,75 A

VEL-0023 – £144

Wall mount case for Display Optional part

  • Wall mounting bracket for VESA-Display
  • Only necessary if no free space is available is inside the consoles

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Made by Veinland

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Weights & Dimensions
Screen: 12.8cm x 8.8cm x 4.7cm Sensor: 487g, Display: 3kg
VL Inclinometer Information

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